Old Center Bistro


Varza calita cu afumatura / Cooked cabbage with smoked ribs 300g
21.80 Lei
Sarmalute cu mamaliguta / “Sarmalute” with polenta 300g
21.80 Lei
Ciolan de porc cu iahnie de fasole / Pork knuckle with baked beans 300g/200 g
24.80 Lei
Ciolan de porc cu varza calita / Knuckle of pork with cooked cabbage 300/200g
24.80 Lei
Stroganoff de pui cu cartofi natur / Chicken stroganoff with boiled potatoes 200/150g
21.80 Lei
Piept de pui in sos picant cu orez / Chicken in spicy sauce with rice 200/150g
21.80 Lei
Tigaie picanta cu mamaliguta / Spicy pan with polenta 250/150g

(muschi de vita, muschi de porc, kaizer, mamaliguta / pork,chiken breast,bacon,polenta)

21.80 Lei
Chilli con carne cu orez / Chili con carne with rice 250/150g

(muschi de vita, muschi de porc / Beef, pork)

26.00 Lei
Friptura bunicii / Grandparents recipe of meat with polenta , fried egg and salad pickles 200/150/150g
29.50 Lei